Prayer for Health: I ask forgiveness of everything which may have created this illness in words thoughts actions and deeds. I ask you to clear it from me on every level of my being, physically mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Please purify me through all space, time, dimensions, lifetimes and realities and restore me to perfect health.

Vasishtha continued:—Now attend to the best remedy, that I will tell you to heal the disease of the heart; which is within one’s own power and harmless, and a sweet potion to taste.

It is by the exertion of your own consciousness by yourself, and by diligent relinquishment of the best objects of your desire, that you can bring back your refractory mind under your subjection.

Yoga Vasistha, Volume 2, part 1


How bad do you want it?

Divine Healing is in your hands

Everything is consciousness. No matter what religion you believe, divine healing happens within all religions. How can it be? Because everything is consciousness, that’s why.

I have been in patterns of sickness and physical illness since birth. Some would call it “karma”.

Even I used to call it karma. I used to blame it on something outside of me because after all how could it actually be my own fault that I am sick?

But the truth is, whether it is physical or mental sickness we may have, all the results in our life are due to us. Sickness or health, poverty or wealth, sadness or loneliness.

I used to blame the planets, the parents, the astrologer, the Guru, the environment; everybody and everything took the brunt of the blame instead of my own self.

I have seen countless times where people who are sick, terminal and those with a simple flu, who are offered their cures. They literally have the solution to cure their disease in front of their face. The chance for divine healing, the divine intervention is given directly to thembut they ignore it or deny it.

Believe me, I have done it too!

I was in Amma’s ashram around 2008. During a casual conversation with someone I did not know well,  I shared some of my health woes. She suggested I take Lugol’s iodine. (Every spiritual person should take iodine. Google it.) The thought process I had at the time was, “Yeah. That sounds great. But I’ve tried everything already.”

About five years later, in almost the same place of the western canteen in Amma’s ashram, history repeated itself. I was in another conversation with someone about iodine and she also said it sounded like I needed it. Then the realization happened: I must get iodine!

What was different the second time? Well, I was more conscious and aware that the divine was trying to tell me something!

Moral of the story: If someone makes you a health suggestion and you are not cleared from your mental blockages, even if they give you a cure, the divine healing you have been praying for, you will miss it! So clear yourself and listen carefully when people make suggestions to you!

Does this story sound familiar to you? If so, then you have some blockages in actually wanting to get well. The conscious parts of you may really, really want to be healed. But the subconscious parts of you are sabotaging it, so you stay sick.

I know it is a painful and frustrating situation to face.

You may even know that is the case on some level, but not know how to even connect to those feelings within yourself.

When trying to actually heal yourself, there are many patterns that arise. In order to come out of it, we have to address all the thoughts and feelings as they arise. And throw them out.

Yes, first we have to love and accept and love them and embrace them and all that important self-love stuff.

Then throw those thoughts out. If you keep entertaining these self defeating thoughts and behaviors, nothing will ever change.

What types of blockages can you have?

1. If you have a chronic illness or something which doesn’t seem to leave your life or mind in spite of all your best efforts, then ask yourself how you secretly enjoy it. There is actually a benefit you get out of it, even though it may seem impossible to accept. You are getting benefit out of your suffering.

Maybe the government supports you, you get more attention, someone is showing you love, maybe you feel safe in that. There is some comfort you get in it, albeit subconscious.

Pray to become aware of it.

2. There is also resistance to actually be well. There is resistance to the divine healing being able to happen.

You may have the thoughts, “What then will I do if I am actually healed and well?”

What fears are there? What is the payoff to staying sick?  “I don’t want to take responsibility. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to…”, which is the child inside you which needs to be addressed.

3. What repeated thoughts do you have about it? Keep a journal. Write down for one week whenever you have a thought about your health. When you write the negative thought, then immediately write a positive thought in its place. At the end of the week, go back and see which thoughts are recurring for you. These thoughts will have a deep belief system which are keeping you stuck.

4.  Do you see a pattern which connects all the fears? Many of your fears could be pointing to one specific unconscious belief system. That belief system is the root cause of your sickness. Pray for it to get out. Command it out. Refuse it. Surrender it to your deity. Burn it. Do everything you can to eject it from your life and mind.

5.  Which mental habits do you have which create the repeated sickness?

If you do the deep work on yourself, you may even find this is something ancestral. The point is to get super conscious—hyper conscious. Question yourself, “What am I doing to create this situation?” Then listen for the answer.

If you ask yourself these questions and commit to becoming aware of when these are arising, you have a great chance of getting the divine healing you need!

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