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How is the Internet Access? How about for Digital Nomads?

Sure, it’s easy to access the internet, but I cannot guarantee it will always be working. I strongly urge you to travel with a large android phone or a tablet computer so you have convenience and can see the screen. An android phone is fine, but if you have to spend time on it and the screen is too small, you will want a larger one.
You will need your internet connection for travel arrangements and will feel a loss without one.
Years ago internet cafes were big here. Now you can find them, but they are nowhere near as common because everyone has internet on their phone now.
So make sure you are part of the club.
Luckily you can get a brand name phone and tablet here for at least 1/3 of the price abroad.
A phone or a tablet which is one and a half years old will be heavily discounted. Be sure to research on-line before buying in person.
Internet USB modem sticks, also confusingly called “mobile sticks” are available if you are remaining in one place. This will be a contract arrangement and can cost on average of 1200 rupees. If you are lucky you can just buy one outright too. This will be a billed service, not a pre-paid one. If you do the pre-paid one, you better be careful of how much data you are using. You can go through 1000 rupees in 2 hours, if you select the high-speed connection and the settings are tricky. Better take help from someone who knows English to make sure your settings are not on the highest to watch YouTube videos.
I cannot guarantee the stick will work if you travel away from the place you got it, but I have heard sometimes it does.
It seems now JIO is heavy on the scene and their WiFi mobile hotspot device can get you a reliable, unlimited connection for a reasonable fee. This is a small separate portable modem, or pocket WiFi. Better do your homework first though, by visiting a main JIO showroom. Apparently there is also a coverage map which you can see on-line to determine if the service will work in your area.
It is possible also to get a land-line internet connection if you have a flat where you are staying. Like the internet stick, it may require proof of a long-term visa or an Indian friend to sign you up.
I say “may require proof” because things are always changing. One area or city may have a different rule than another location. This is the way it is in India. Uniformity at the corporate, or governmental levels, is not always certain. Never expect it.
Nicer hotels and even some restaurants in the tourist places should have WiFi. If not you can use your android phone as a WiFi hotspot.
This just requires changes in the settings of “tethering and portable hotspots” on first the phone, then the computer. If it does not work, which sometimes may happen due to the default settings, just find a small computer repair place and pay one hundred or two hundred rupees or less, and have them make the settings work for you so you can connect your phone to your laptop.
I would not be in India without an android phone—and this is coming from the person who was probably the last on earth to finally get a mobile phone. I got one finally in 2004. Really!
The internet is nothing like in other Asian countries, like Thailand. You should count on it not working or living up to your expectations, so relying on this for work, or for other important internet needs is a very bad idea. Unless you plan only on staying in the major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.
If you are thinking of coming to India as a digital nomad, then you must consider what your needs are.
I did the full research. If you want to stay in Bangalore then you can surely find a co-working space. Same with Mumbai, but you will pay a fortune. However, you can forget about any of the smaller, holy tourist cities. I am not even sure Goa is suitable. They simply do not have landline or fiber capabilities yet which are reliable enough.
The JIO pocket WiFi device may get you by, but I cannot guarantee it.
I suspect in maybe one, or one and a half years, JIO may be set-up as a viable option for digital nomads. But as of February 2018, it isn’t the best idea to come to India as a digital nomad. Of course, if you do not need a fast, reliable internet then it could work for you even now.

By Niki Nitya Sri House 



“Brâhmanas (priests) seek to know him by the study of the Veda, by sacrifice, by gifts, by penance, by fasting, and he who knows him, becomes a Muni. (Sage/Yogi)


The Upanishads, Part 2 verse 22

  • Tips for Fasting

  • Listen to your body when you do religious fasting
  • If you have an illness, consider a juice and fruit fast
  • Religious fasting just from sunrise to sunset can be powerful enough to effect a change in situation
  • Plan for once a week to do religious fasting, or a minimum of twice a month
  • Eating a healthy diet all the time makes fasting much easier


What can Religious Fasting Do?

A Road to the Self

Many of the Hindu sects encourage religious fasting, and of the suggested days end up being about twice per month.

There can be great resistance to fasting in general. However, it is probably one of the best things you can do for your health.

For example, the Vaishnav sect strongly encourages fasting for Ekadashi (which is eleven days before and after the new moon). And the Saivaism sects encourage fasting for Pradosham, which is usually a few days plus or minus the Ekadashi, but can be the same day also.

Amma clearly tells all people to fast one time per week. I wonder actually how many people actually do that, but that is another story.

However, there is a major spiritual element to fasting which goes far beyond the idea of the body.

In the older versions of the Bible there was a verse that instructed followers to fast to overcome all the powers of the enemy.

Of course, if you are Hindu then the enemy they are mostly referring to is the mind and its creations which may also include demons.

Religious fasting can directly purify the negative energies, thoughts, patterns, as well as sickness in our bodies that we have been carrying our entire lives and even past lives.

When we fast, we open a portal to the deepest levels of consciousness to clean and purify. The deepest roots and patterns have a chance to come out of the blood, cells, and DNA.

When you fast you have an easier chance to experience the nature of the Self. One reason is because you are consciously foregoing your senses.

The best way to get in touch with the Divine is through fasting. If you have a problem or situation which you need help with, fasting is a fabulous method to get help. Make a clear intention at the start of the fast, and stay strong to it. Be patient until you find a shift happens or you get your answer or solution from your inner guidance.

Religious fasting gives you a great chance to go deeper inside and helps to overcome lower energies because it increases your frequency and vibration, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.



Prayer for the Day: Please give me the strength and will power to fast especially when I do not feel like it.




Learn to Love


sanskrit quote god8

 “I am the ultimate goal of the all the souls. I am their protector. I grace them with divine knowledge and love. I am their loving supreme God. I am the observer of the actions of the souls. All the souls reside in Me; I am their ultimate refuge when they humbly surrender to Me.”  

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9:18




What is Causing Your Resistance to Love?

Are You Ready to Let Go?

Whether it is from past life trauma, or childhood abandonment, every one of us has a deep resistance to love. You may think, “Not me! I want to have love in my life!” Of course, you may want  to have love, in fact, you may want it so badly, that may be the source of what is blocking you.

But how can we overcome it?

For some of us, this thought and feeling may be very deep and almost inaccessible in the subconscious mind.

It can stay buried for years, until the situations in your life continuously recreate situations where no matter what you do, you can’t get the relationship you want. Whether he won’t commit, or the relationship you are in is not a happy one, the situations play out like a movie, the same thing over and over.

When it comes to the endless, painful scene replaying repeatedly, unless you have a deeper awareness of your resistance to love you may say to yourself, “Well, love is just something other people have.” Absolute nonsense!

This whole drama repeatedly creates deep self-hatred in you like there is something wrong with you, you are worthless, not good enough, not deserving of a relationship, blah, blah and all that ridiculousness.

Or maybe you even gave up altogether, took yourself into deeper denial, and made a worse pattern over the core pain by telling yourself, “I’m happier alone,” or , “I just want to be alone.” This throws you out of balance even more.

You may know that you have this type of resistance, but not know how to come out of it.

Some healer may say, “Well, you have a blockage in the heart chakra or in the muladhara chakra.” And that is one way to access it. But is not the easiest way. I say just go to the source.

So what is the solution?

Well, first of all you need to know that any outside love you are seeking is actually divine love you are wanting.

We have learned to search outside for what can only come from within. So each time that you are longing outside, especially for love from a person, it should be a red flag for you to turn within and give yourself the love you are trying to get from outside. This is actually what is meant by “self-love”.

Second is to ask questions to yourself and become very aware of what is happening in the realm of feeling.

Sadly, our society does not teach us how to feel as children. This is tragic, actually.

There are past incidents and situations which happened. At these critical moments of time you made belief systems and thought forms in your mind about yourself.

In order to uncover those belief systems and thought forms, you will need to investigate those past situations. I know, I know, it is not fun. But if you want anything to change, and you want to release your resistance to love, then you gotta do it.

Look back. When is the last time this situation played out? What happened? How did you feel? What were you thinking about yourself and your life?

Those excruciating thoughts and feelings are your starting point.

If they are truly overwhelming and blocking your life, then they may come to the surface of your conscious mind thoughts quite frequently. They could be bombarding you, or they could be so buried that you shoved it down because it was all too painful.

Either way, the starting point is to make a commitment and willingness to uncover it and heal it. Then layer by layer, it will begin to unravel.

Simply make a declaration, “I declare that I am releasing this resistance to love right now.” When you are really sick of it, your will to declare this will be strong and the healing will take place immediately.

As each feeling arises, just allow it to come. It may happen fast, or it may happen slowly over time.

If you have to scream, cry, do whatever you have to do to allow it to come out. Do not stuff your feelings by smoking, drinking or eating, or going to meditate.  Sit and allow it all to happen. This process is, in fact, how you can heal any addiction. (Yes, meditation can also be an addiction.) But that is another article.

As your self-hatred and self-disgust comes up and out, you will find the more and more you get mental peace and stability. Just commit to watching the mental happenings. At one point you will come to a major belief system which is holding it all in place. When you finally become aware of it, the rest of the volcano of emotions will fall like a deck of cards and lose a lot of power over you.

Then underneath that will be deep worthlessness, not good enough, etc. Just know as you do this that those deep feelings of pain are not real!

You must tell yourself they are not real in order to come out of it! That is your key to get through it! Otherwise you will remain inside it. (This is actually the opposite of psychology! They encourage you that your worthlessness is real and therefore keep you paying big money week after week to take their medications! But if they were to tell you it is not real, you would be cured within a short period of time!)

None of all these psychological and mental happenings are actually real and they are not who you are! You are a divine being!

When you understand this reality, then you will be fearless to face even the most painful events from your past. This is a deep secret of emotional and mental healing: all the mental thoughts and feelings you are trying to release are not real!

That means, whatever is creating your resistance to love is also not real! So you can choose right now, not to believe it anymore!

Make the choice not to believe any of it, allow yourself to watch your mind go through the gamut of emotions, and when you get to a place where the emotions feel stuck, remind yourself again that it is not real. This coaching from your conscious mind will allow it to release out of the subconscious mind.

Then, when you feel the healing is ending, encourage yourself that you are good enough, that you do deserve love, that it is safe to love, etc. You may need to repeat as these memories are triggered again in the future. But this is the process to make your resistance to love disappear!


Prayer for the Day: Please guide me quickly to an authentic Guru who will lead me to moksha (liberation from birth and death) and save me from those so-called Gurus with wrong intentions and those who will lead me astray.

ācāryam mām vijānīyān
nāvamanyeta karhicit
na martya-buddhyāsūyeta
sarva-deva-mayo guruh”

One should know the ācārya as Myself and never disrespect him in any way. One should not envy him, thinking him an ordinary man, for he is the representative of all the demigods.

Śrī Chaitanya-Caritāmṛta Ādi-līlā  1.46

In the preceding verse it uses the word “Guru” to denote the spiritual master. Here the word is “acharyam”, which indicates teacher, and in the following verse the words “śikṣā-guruke” is used indicating there are indeed different types of Gurus and that they are all to be considered divine.

Scriptural Source, click to be taken off this page


Inner guidance is the guru within-antaryami

Spiritual Teachers and How they Teach Inner Guidance

I met Amma in 2001, if I recall correctly, otherwise it was 2000.

I have been a faithful devotee of Amma since then—die-hard, obsessive, seriously fanatic devotee.

Somewhere in 2009 I happened upon the Iskcon/Hare Krishna temple in my city while out walkin’ around. I had never been inside one before. The very first person I spoke to was a beautiful woman who was warm and inviting and offered me prasadam (blessed food) to eat.

The first few sentences out of my mouth were me informing her that I was a follower—a die-hard, obsessive, seriously fanatic devotee of Ammaand that I had been for years.

She told me that she was also with Amma, but she left Amma and came to Iskcon and took another Guru.

I thought she was nuts.

For the last eight years, I never forgot and constantly wondered, “Why on earth would she leave Amma and go to another Guru?” I would literally sit with Amma and ponder why anybody would go anywhere else, when she could so clearly take people all the way to enlightenment.

Her reasons at the time were twofold: she felt that Amma was guiding her there and there were too many people around Amma.

I understood her reasoning but still thought she was nuts.

At that time, I made a personal vow never to leave Amma and never to get swayed towards anything or anybody else.

I have spent most of the last ten years living in Amma’s ashram in Kerala. I would come and go. Maybe in total I have been there about seven years.

There is no doubt She is a divine being with extraordinary powers and has the capacity to grant the highest state to whoever is qualified.

One year ago, I asked Amma for an air conditioner in the flat because the weather was causing me ridiculous suffering due to the health. Yeah. yeah, don’t laugh. Other people have them.

Her answer was “I don’t know.” As you may know, such an answer is filled with divine shakti which can create a great change in your consciousness.

Within this “I don’t know” was the perfect understanding that I was not in my power at all. That I was a small insignificant nothing. And it felt bad. Really bad.

Because if I was in my divine power, there was no way that she could tell me “I don’t know”. If she was my perfect mirror and I wanted an air conditioning, that there was no way I shouldn’t have it.

My understanding contained within this “I don’t know” is that I am a divine being and I should be able to be, do, and have anything I want. How can she not give this small thing when other people have it? Why was I not good enough for an air conditioning?

I was reeling.

It sent me into a state of complete questioning of myself, my life and the path I have taken. 

If you know Amma, this can be a common occurrence.

But I know that any divine being can manifest what they want at will. Just like Amma said that she would donate 20 million dollars for the tsunami relief in 2004 and the Swami’s all said, “What Amma? We don’t have that much money!” And she ended up giving 45 million in total.

My understanding of spiritual life is that, if Soham-Asmi, and I am Brahman, and I am Amma, then that is what I should be doing too. I should be able to manifest what I want at will. And the fact that she said “I don’t know” to me having an air conditioner meant that something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

This made me completely determined to find out how to become that empowered person where there would be no question as to whether or not I could have an air conditioner. To become the person that no matter what I wanted to manifest, which would ultimately benefit the world, it would manifest quickly. To walk up and say, “I want an air conditioner in my flat” and have it just happen. Like Amma.

For me, that was the next step of my spiritual development.

I prayed hard that if this path would not empower me to attain the highest state I could achieve, to empower me in manifesting money to sustain my spiritual life and give like Amma to the poor, that I be guided to the Guru who will give it.

I have basically given up all personal material desires and want only to be one with Siva-Shakti and do service. Why then could I not have a small thing like an air conditioner within this huge universe of abundance?

It sent me deep inside.

Now I understand that my path is not the one of most in the ashram. It took me about one year to accept this about myself, but I have finally accepted it.

Even one year ago, I unknowingly and unexpectedly found myself praying to the Lord of time, Kala Bhairav. Without even knowing anything about him, I somehow found one incredible mantra on the bus. I was so lost in chanting it, I ended up missing my exit in the zero degree winter weather.

I was forced to ride around the city for over one hour hearing this mantra until I got back home. This is pretty ironic considering you are supposed to pray to him for help not to waste time and there I was riding around the city aimlessly.

That was the beginning of my relationship with Kala Bhiaravain this life.

My depression of my life state continued to worsen when I realized that I was not having what I wanted spiritually. I had basically left the material to gain the spiritual and now I didn’t have either.

I felt so disempowered and depressed that I didn’t know what to do.

I was in an excruciatingly depressed state, which lasted for months. I reached out to help and didn’t get it. I was considering going to see a counselor, I was that bad, and I have a loathing for the whole western medical system.

The only solution I could see to come out of the pain was to become a sanyasi. For about three months I burned with the desire to want to become a sanyasi, but wasn’t sure if I should or could. It was when I heard that one long-time doctor brahmachary left the ashram and came back wearing orange, that was it. “I must become a sanyasi. If he can, I can too.”

On one of Amma’s days off where she was not giving darshan, I had to get out. Sometimes, in order to feel normal and get a break, some of us will go to eat lunch in the nearby town, Karunagappaly.

That day I went alone. After being seated in the comfy A.C. restaurant, I did a search on “should I become a sanyasi”. No, this is not a joke. Haha. This really happened. Stop laughing. It’s funny to me too.

So I did this search and one video came up and it was a Swami Nithyananda video entitled “Should you become a sanyasi?” Yes, okay. Keep laughing.

I started to watch it and my mind was blown: during the thirty minute video he answered three of my questions. First was the one about whether I should become a sanyasi, and the other two were questions which I had in my mind percolating for the last months! What? Who is this guy?

I then started researching more in depth. He has a web-site and an organization and lots of information about initiations for brahmacharya and sanyasi. I was astonished to see that just as Kali is worshipped in Amma’s ashram, Kala Bhairava is worshipped in Nithyananada’s Adheenam.

Wow. I had just started praying to him automaticallymy inner guidance had led me to start worshipping Kala Bhairava. What a coincidence!

I also found that he had live English satsangs on YouTube daily. I had already made the decision I had to go there to his ashram asap. I would go, see who this person was, take darshan if possible, and return to Amma’s place.

The following morning we had a new International Office open. It was a big to-do with puja and all. If you have not been to Amma’s ashram, the International Office is the place where you go to check in, pay for the room, get a key, deposit your passport, everything having to do with visiting the ashram.

As you may or may not know, Amma’s ashram will accept anybody who wants to come, even if it is for one or two days. That means many tourists can also visit, and they do.

That same morning of the opening of the brand new long-awaited International office, I logged onto my first Swami Nithyananda live Satsang. I logged in around nine am, and I saw there were only one hundred something people online watching at that time. The satsang was nearly over, and he had already been talking for a good forty minutes.

The moment I logged on, he was talking about taking revenge on someone and how we should not do that. For about one minute he spoke like this. I was thinking, “He still has to teach that?”

He then abruptly stopped talking about revenge, and looked into the camera and said, “Someday, we will have a Welcome Center where anybody can come for one or two days, they can walk up to the Welcome Center, take a key, go to their room, and leave two days later. And even tourists will be able to come. But right now, it’s not like that.”

What? He was directly talking to me telling me that I cannot just come there how I was expecting! It was as if he could see how our International Office was run! I was of course assuming that I could go there just like anybody could come to Amma’s place and he knew that without seeing me or even meeting me.

Flabbergasted! Too much of a coincidenceto just stop immediately talking about revenge and start talking about a Welcome Center?

Over the course of the next few weeks, I began watching live and recorded satsangs.

I would curse the internet when he was live and it didn’t play. I longed for deeper knowledge and he was giving itin plain English.

After seeing the people and seeing his devotees online, I then noticed that the people to whom he had given spiritual names also had the name Nitya in them. Another coincidence? Unreal.

The only Guru who in sixteen years could captivate me even slightly besides Amma, was someone who gave all his disciples the name Nitya in their names? Come on. Is this a joke?

No, no coincidence. Too many coincidences to be a coincidence.
Now I really had to meet him.
I added him as a friend on Facebook. I wrote him a private message and told him of some of my issues. He said, “You will be complete.”

Long story short (yeah right) I went to meet Swami Nithyananda in October 2016 while Amma was away on tour. I was there for two days. I was mentally in a very bad state. I was feeling guilty to go and see another Guru, wondering how anybody from Amma’s ashram will ever speak to me again because I will be considered a traitor or something. I was also super depressed and physically suffering badly from several ailments.

I knew that Amma knew everything and was the Ultimate I was seeking, but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled even in Amma’s presence anymore. I wanted more, more, more.
I wanted a closer Guru relationship. I wanted it for so many years. I found myself crying for fear of death for months, of not getting enlightened, of having to come again to a body, that my life is wasted. Even in the last satsang I had with Amma she said before I left this last time, “If you have a fear of death, then tell yourself Amma is always with you and that you are safe.” It was just for me.

When I saw that Nithyanada only had a few people around him, it was like, “Wow. He actually has time to say more than one sentence to me.” Years of longing of always staring at Amma speaking to the same people day in and day out while I was sitting away at a distance. Reeling over the same stuff in my head over and over. I wanted to vomit from the thoughts in my mind. I wanted to rip it out. Make the noise stop.

When would these same ridiculous thoughts end? The same things over and over? When would I come out from this suffering?

It just became too much. I wanted a Guru I could have a conversation with, who had time to speak to me. Sure I could have learned Malayalam a long time ago in order to speak to Amma. Of course, she can speak any language at all. I am not blaming anybody but myself. But, it never felt right. It never felt right to become a renunciate at Amma’s ashram. It never felt right to pay some huge amount of money to have some title, be under the reign of someone from the office who orders me around, get some steamed vegetables but still have to pay for other food and care items which will keep me alive along with room rent. It just never felt right.

Of course, anything is possible in the future.
But when Amma returned from the Europe tour, the ultimate desires of mine was finally fulfilled.

Within 6 weeks of contacting Swami Nithyanand for blessings and advice on Facebook of all places, that I got two of my longest standing desires fulfilled: a cool flat and closer seva (service) to Amma.
Of course, Amma answers you too. These kinds of things always happen around Amma. But this was different. I could feel it. Things were changing.
I even told Amma when I went for the beautiful seva of giving prasad (where we get to put the prasad into her hands which she gives to people she is hugging) in my mind I was telling her that I was sorry I was thinking of another Guru and if this was my ego to please forgive me that I was ignorant and I did not know what I am doing. When I got to the side of her chair after the thirty minute wait to give prasad, she turned and smiled at me so lovingly. Like the best smile ever.

I knew that minute she knew everything that was going on with me. That minute I knew she knew of Swami Nithyananda.
I wrote her a letter telling her that I wanted to follow Swami Nithyananda and my desire to see him and follow him did not go away. I somewhat expected it to. If he was a fake, or if he would harm me, she would have made it end. Fast. Like she has done with many other people in my life who were not good for me.
I told her even during my darshan “Amma, mind not good. Mind very bad.” (Yes, I do not know where that came from but it came out.) And she looked at me and smiled the nicest she ever did. Better even then when I gave prasad.
The following morning after that evening darshan, my desire for Nithyananda increased even more.
I sat behind Amma questioning all I was going through for almost six weeks, feeling unworthy of being there at all and too depressed and too miserable. I felt I had lost Amma.

Was this really happening? Did she want me to follow Swami Nithyananda? And there during the satsang translation to answer my thoughts he said, “You should follow your inner guidance.”
Amma has been an emotional crutch for me for a long time. I clung to her from a disempowered state, and she has put an end to it. The loneliness I felt when she suddenly severed my dependence on her was devastating. It took me nearly one year to recover from the pain of it.
She has forced me to go inside.

And now I am convinced that Amma has sent me to Nithyananda to empower me in the ways which I should be empowered, which she cannot. Every Guru and master has different powers and abilities and missions.
Swami Nithyananda is teaching me that my inner Self is the only one who should be my crutch.
Of course, when I saw that he charged money for some programs and when I saw his flaunting gold (which is fake by the way) with his kingly looking dress, I was turned off for a long time.
I actually first heard about him from a devotee who had come to Amma’s ashram. I first heard about him 1.5 years prior to finding him on Youtube.

But when I saw how drop-dead gorgeous he was, I immediately said “No way. He is too beautiful. I will not overcome my issues when I am that attracted.” And I closed him off as a possibility of ever seeing or meeting.
What another strange bizarre turn of events that only three months before me finding him on YouTube he had begun growing a beard. Something I would never be attracted to.

I found it difficult to accept him speaking with the word “I” when Amma refers to herself in third person. However, I realized that it is only the ignorant who will see the outside. He charges money because he wants only serious seekers who can see deeper into who he is.
He is giving me clarity about how to come out of the pit I’ve been in with practical exact techniques and advice from a Vedantic background. And I feel hopeful. More hopeful than I have been in a long time. Of course, I will never really leave Amma because Amma is always there. She is me.
I feel I matured actually. Who feels? Yeah, I know.
But this is what my inner guidance is telling me.
So, don’t worry if feel you are being unfaithful to your Guru if you visit and learn from other Gurus. In fact, all of creation is the Guru. According to the Encyclopedia of Saivism written by Swami Parameshwarananda you can have three Gurus. A Mantra Deeksha Guru, who initiates you, a Siksha Guru who further instructs you and a Moksha Guru. They can be the same person, but does not have to be.

I have clearly heard Nithyananda tell people that whoever are his disciples will receive moksha. Based on the little I have seen, I am completely convinced.

I never, ever thought this would happen to me, that I would be thinking of another Guru more than Amma. My entire life was consumed with Amma and thoughts of her. But this is how it is. You can take it or leave it.

You can think I am a hypocrite when I come back and stay in the ashram. You can think I am nuts, like I thought that other woman was, or lost in my ego, or ungrateful or whatever. But for now, I have to listen to my inner guidance. Like Amma said.


“When you act in tune with the Cosmos, the whole cosmos blesses you. You attract all kinds of positive coincidences around you.” – Swami Nithyananda

Prayer for Health: I ask forgiveness of everything which may have created this illness in words thoughts actions and deeds. I ask you to clear it from me on every level of my being, physically mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Please purify me through all space, time, dimensions, lifetimes and realities and restore me to perfect health.

Vasishtha continued:—Now attend to the best remedy, that I will tell you to heal the disease of the heart; which is within one’s own power and harmless, and a sweet potion to taste.

It is by the exertion of your own consciousness by yourself, and by diligent relinquishment of the best objects of your desire, that you can bring back your refractory mind under your subjection.

Yoga Vasistha, Volume 2, part 1


How bad do you want it?

Divine Healing is in your hands

Everything is consciousness. No matter what religion you believe, divine healing happens within all religions. How can it be? Because everything is consciousness, that’s why.

I have been in patterns of sickness and physical illness since birth. Some would call it “karma”.

Even I used to call it karma. I used to blame it on something outside of me because after all how could it actually be my own fault that I am sick?

But the truth is, whether it is physical or mental sickness we may have, all the results in our life are due to us. Sickness or health, poverty or wealth, sadness or loneliness.

I used to blame the planets, the parents, the astrologer, the Guru, the environment; everybody and everything took the brunt of the blame instead of my own self.

I have seen countless times where people who are sick, terminal and those with a simple flu, who are offered their cures. They literally have the solution to cure their disease in front of their face. The chance for divine healing, the divine intervention is given directly to thembut they ignore it or deny it.

Believe me, I have done it too!

I was in Amma’s ashram around 2008. During a casual conversation with someone I did not know well,  I shared some of my health woes. She suggested I take Lugol’s iodine. (Every spiritual person should take iodine. Google it.) The thought process I had at the time was, “Yeah. That sounds great. But I’ve tried everything already.”

About five years later, in almost the same place of the western canteen in Amma’s ashram, history repeated itself. I was in another conversation with someone about iodine and she also said it sounded like I needed it. Then the realization happened: I must get iodine!

What was different the second time? Well, I was more conscious and aware that the divine was trying to tell me something!

Moral of the story: If someone makes you a health suggestion and you are not cleared from your mental blockages, even if they give you a cure, the divine healing you have been praying for, you will miss it! So clear yourself and listen carefully when people make suggestions to you!

Does this story sound familiar to you? If so, then you have some blockages in actually wanting to get well. The conscious parts of you may really, really want to be healed. But the subconscious parts of you are sabotaging it, so you stay sick.

I know it is a painful and frustrating situation to face.

You may even know that is the case on some level, but not know how to even connect to those feelings within yourself.

When trying to actually heal yourself, there are many patterns that arise. In order to come out of it, we have to address all the thoughts and feelings as they arise. And throw them out.

Yes, first we have to love and accept and love them and embrace them and all that important self-love stuff.

Then throw those thoughts out. If you keep entertaining these self defeating thoughts and behaviors, nothing will ever change.

What types of blockages can you have?

1. If you have a chronic illness or something which doesn’t seem to leave your life or mind in spite of all your best efforts, then ask yourself how you secretly enjoy it. There is actually a benefit you get out of it, even though it may seem impossible to accept. You are getting benefit out of your suffering.

Maybe the government supports you, you get more attention, someone is showing you love, maybe you feel safe in that. There is some comfort you get in it, albeit subconscious.

Pray to become aware of it.

2. There is also resistance to actually be well. There is resistance to the divine healing being able to happen.

You may have the thoughts, “What then will I do if I am actually healed and well?”

What fears are there? What is the payoff to staying sick?  “I don’t want to take responsibility. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want to…”, which is the child inside you which needs to be addressed.

3. What repeated thoughts do you have about it? Keep a journal. Write down for one week whenever you have a thought about your health. When you write the negative thought, then immediately write a positive thought in its place. At the end of the week, go back and see which thoughts are recurring for you. These thoughts will have a deep belief system which are keeping you stuck.

4.  Do you see a pattern which connects all the fears? Many of your fears could be pointing to one specific unconscious belief system. That belief system is the root cause of your sickness. Pray for it to get out. Command it out. Refuse it. Surrender it to your deity. Burn it. Do everything you can to eject it from your life and mind.

5.  Which mental habits do you have which create the repeated sickness?

If you do the deep work on yourself, you may even find this is something ancestral. The point is to get super conscious—hyper conscious. Question yourself, “What am I doing to create this situation?” Then listen for the answer.

If you ask yourself these questions and commit to becoming aware of when these are arising, you have a great chance of getting the divine healing you need!




When there is no desire left in the heart then a man is certain to experience the divine taste of this nectar (self realization) in his life time– and there is no doubt about it.

      Bhagavan Visnu

      Garuda Purana


Amazing Synchronicity

One hour after I wrote this page, I found a quote from Anandamayi Ma on my FB wall explaining exactly what I wrote. I love that!

One who has gone out in quest of the Eternal can no longer remain engrossed in anything that does not lead to Self-realization, the realization of God. Just as when a house is on fire, one opens the door and leaves it, so once discrimination and dispassion have been awakened, the question of proceeding in any other direction does not arise.
– Sri Anandamayi Ma


How can you attain self realization?


I have to tell you that if I knew that it would be this hard to attain self-realization, then I doubt I would have ever started all this. Sorry if that is negative, but that is the truth of what this ego thinks and feels.

But after 19 years, there is no turning back now. I very much fell down the rabbit hole, or took the blue pillor was it redand not much can be done at this point.

I really understand the saying, “ignorance is bliss”.

I do also understand that most of the thoughts I have about everything are only “in my mind”. I used to take that phrase as a massive insult. Now I know that everything actually is “in my mind”all my thoughts and feelings are actually in my mind and are not me.

They are not me.

So, I try not to pay attention to any of it too much. The key word here is “try”. 🙂
I have come to understand that whenever I have any kind of thought at all that it is not really who I am.

The endless question that everybody tells us to ask is to inquire deeply “Who Am I?” and the sages inform that this answer will lead us to self realization.

This actually is the question that has led me deepest into my seeking for the truth.

I was sitting on the floor of Amma’s ashram room. Her huge Devi Bhava photo on my altar in front of me. I looked deep into her eyes which are vibrantly alive in the photo which she blessed by throwing sandal paste and flowers on it and asked her, “Why did you give me this name? Nitya Sri? What does this name mean? Who am I?

After this I went to the only source who always answers my deepest questions: Google.

I searched “Nitya Sri meaning” online.

I was shocked to find out that Nitya is actually a Goddess worshipped in Tantra. There are fifteen of them and every single day a different Nitya deity is responsible to protect the Divine Mothereach one has their own mantra, yantra, and method of worship.

Say what? Wanna run that by me again?

You mean I am not some worthless, useless waste of space? I am a Goddess? This brief Google search was indeed life changing.

It sparked the beginning of a deep battle to jar me out of this “I am nobody” powerless state, to I am the Supreme!

Did you get a spiritual name? If so, examine it! Really pray and ask what is its meaning? Follow it. This can be one path which gets you closer to self realization. It has surely worked for me.



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Prayer for the Day: Please may I be free of any mental thought patterns which cause acute stress disorder or PTSD symptoms. I declare I am healed.

युञ्जीत प्रणवे चेतः प्रणवो ब्रह्म निर्भयम् ।
प्रणवे नित्ययुक्तस्य न भयं विद्यते क्वचित्

Yuñjīta pranave cetah pranavo brahma nirbhayam |
pranave nityayuktasya na bhayam vidyate kvacit ||

The mind should be unified with Aum. Aum is Brahman, the ever-fearless. He who is always unified with Aum knows no fear whatever.

  • Agama Prakarana Kārikā, verse 1.25



If you are suffering from what doctors have called acute stress disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, or complex ptsd, then here you will find a solution to help you through it. What is posted here is a direct solution for you to use to survive through the traumatic episode, as well as be a trigger for healing.

Are you having a panic attack right now? Or are you having some type of crisis right this minute? Then skip to minute 5.30 of the video below for immediate relief.

You only need to be committed to your emotional healing.

If you have any other spiritual practices, I would advise to put those on hold and focus solely on this practice for some days. Do this daily until you feel zero charge when you think of the traumatic episode, or the recurring thought.

I can tell you from experience, this works and it works fast. It will immediately release whatever your mind and body are storing. After trying everything, I will tell you for sure that this is the best solution I have found.

This is what is called Kriya Yoga. It is a combination of mudras, (hand gestures), mantras, (sounds from the mouth), and pranayama, (regulated breathing) to assist you to purge the toxicity from your system.

This particular Kriya below was devised and is taught by enlightened master Swami Nithyananda.

How do you know if you are you suffering from acute stress disorder? Do you find that you have the same obsessive thoughts over and over again? These thoughts could be preventing you from living your life fully or from moving forward in life to do what you want.

Are there incidents or situations which happened in the past, which you find keep repeating in your present day reality even though you really do not want them and you feel powerless to stop them?

Then you may be suffering from ptsd, or what I am calling here, acute stress disorder. The fears which you do not process can truly paralyze and ruin your life.

Do not allow yourself to get to this point! Bravely fight these fears in your life as they arise.

One big thought pattern which goes along with acute stress disorder is “I am not safe.”

If you have been abused as a child, then you may not even be aware of this all pervasive thought pattern which constantly tells you that you are not safe.

Look and see, if this a persistent pattern for you. Look into your behavior: ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Chances are it is because you don’t feel safe.

The good news is there is a way out. It is through releasing the old and replacing it with “I am safe. I am protected.”

I do not want to label anybody with any type of disorder. These labels will never help you, they will only harm you and keep you stuck in a pattern of illness.

So if anybody did a “diagnosis” on you saying you have this mental disorder, or that mental problem I tell you to ignore them!

Take the medicine if they gave it, (eventually try to get off as soon as possible) but do away totally with any bad idea that label gave you about yourself that there is “something wrong with me” or that “I need to be fixed”, or “I am not normal”.

There is nothing wrong with you! You are just like everybody else who went through a horrible experience and received emotional consequences from a painful and scary experience.

The level of pain will vary from person to person.That is all! There is nothing wrong with you! You just need to get unstuck from what is stuck in your system. Nothing else!

Directions for this video:
1. Set aside at least one hour of the day where you can be quiet and actually do this without getting distracted.
2. If you need support, then ask someone to sit with you. But you should feel comfortable screaming and crying in any manner you want. You need to feel safe to let it all go.
3. If this is a big emotional trauma you are releasing, then once you do this, the after effects may last for a few days. This is why you need to repeat it. More emotions and unwanted thought patterns may arise.
4. BE VERY AWARE OF THE THOUGHTS YOU ARE HAVING WHILE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO AND DO THE RELEASE. If you are not too upset, it is a good idea to even write those thoughts down. Many very painful and seemingly illogical thoughts will emerge when you do this emotional trauma healing. Buried memories of the past, and even past lives, can come to the surface which are blocking your life. Please keep in mind, these thoughts are NOT real. They are thoughts, and the thoughts of the mind are what we are trying to remove for spiritual enlightenment. However, if you find it is too overwhelming, then do not be afraid to seek some type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can even find this for free in the app stores on the phones.
5. Allow yourself to feel and think whatever arises. Become aware of exactly what is happening and embrace it completely. While this pain is being squeezed out of you, speak aloud and pray to Kala Bhairava (The Lord of Time who is responsible for destruction) or your deity to remove it all and tell them that you surrender it to them. I suggest doing it aloud.
Here is the most beneficial prayer, “Kala Bhairava, Kala Bhairava, Kala Bhairava, I surrender this to you. Please remove this. Agni Dev burn in the Rudra homa, Agni Dev burn in the Rudra Homa, Agni Dev burn in the Rudra homa,” and mentally imagine the pain burning. (The Rudra homa is a fire ceremony to worship the Lord Shiva to destroy negativity.
6. Continue the entire process until relief is found.
7. (Optional) Afterward, if you find that these thoughts are thoughts which you have repeatedly, you may burn them in a small cup and dispose of them outside the house near some nature. When you release them, pray again to your God and ask them to relieve you of these thoughts. This is very helpful, however, if this is against your religious belief system then it is not necessary you do not have to. However, it will radically assist you to remove the negative mental patterns which are related to that event.
8. After burning it is important to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. So, make sure that after you burn that you replace the negative thoughts with positive.


DISCLAIMER: This technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Individuals with any type of medical condition, the elderly, children below 14, women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised to seek professional medical advice before practicing this technique. 


Prayer for the day: Please guide me to the Guru who will grant me enlightenment and bless me to have a close relationship with them.

what is maya(illusion)?


      The basic and loose definition of “maya” according to the Vedic teachings is “illusion”, or “unreal”. The sages and scriptures indicate that the entire world as we know it is actually unreal.

     This is actually something that very important we need to consider while we examine the role of emotional healing and how it may, or may not, progress us on our path.

      Nowadays, everyone and their mother thinks they are a spiritual teacher. They took a Reiki course, or got certified in past life regression and call themselves an expert. To make it worse, they even charge large amounts of money for their so-called “healing”.

      I have many friends who are “healers”, but none of them really heal. They think they do, but they don’t. And I’ll tell you why—because they aren’t enlightened.

     Look. I know what I am talking about. Many years ago, I was one of them. I took a Reiki certification and became a massage therapist. I got trained in Pranic Healing and on and on, blah, blah, blah. Wanna know how many people I healed? Zero. I simply absorbed their problems and made my life worse. No matter how much salt I washed my hands with or bathed in, and no matter how much chord cutting I did.
      The reality is that someone can only heal you if that person has a higher vibration and frequency, and who has done more work on themselves than you. That determines who is going to get the brunt of the karmic mess that exists in the “client”. How can you know that? You can’t. I learned this teaching the hard way. And many years later, Nithyananda Swami clarified it in one his satsang from YouTube. He said, “never get deep body-work healing from anybody”.

     I know that sounds fear based. Believe me the last thing I want to do is spread fear. But if you can learn from my mistakes, then learn: rely only on the divine to heal you. Period. It is about surrender and going inside. Nothing else.

     I have been both the facilitator and the client. In total, I have spent over twenty years trying to “heal myself”.


     Sadly, none of it worked. Why? Because it was healing which was going on OUTSIDE of me. It was not happening within. The important lesson here is this: ONLY YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY.

      All these people charging money for healing you is a SCAM, A SHAM, AN ILLUSION, A LIE. Don’t fall for it! They may be really nice, seemingly healed and balanced, they may have the best intentions, they may be even be more spiritually advanced like I said above, but UNLESS THEY ARE TEACHING YOU HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF, WITH A TECHNIQUE OR A PROCESS, YOU ARE IN MOST CASES WASTING YOUR MONEY, TIME, AND LIFE. They are unknowingly, and unconsciously cheating you. 

     This is not to say the same of an enlightened master, though. They do have the power to enter your mind and change things around, and heal you, if you’re opened enough and clear enough to want it. Our own thoughts can block the healing we so desperately want. So if all of those thoughts are cleared, about wanting healing from a master, then surely you will get it.

      Of course, if you have some physical condition, and you need an alternative doctor or some medical treatments, then by all means take it. I’m referring mostly to your emotional life and how to facilitate healing of your past, your past lives and traumas, and create a life you want.

     Here is the scriptural truth from the Guru Gita, authored by Sage Vyasa, a long time ago. Here he tells it is the Guru who will heal you in verse 11.

Sanskrit:  sarva-paapa-vi”suddhaatmaa “sriiguro.h paadasevanaat, dehii brahma bhavedyasmaat tvatk.rpaartha.m vadaami te.

English:  All sins are cleansed from the soul through service to Sri Guru’s feet, which is how you become the One while embodied, I tell you this.

     Here, sins mean the karma you are holding. Please notice, it does not say find a local healer in your area and pay them money for “healing”. It says you are healed through service to the Guru’s feet! So if you don’t have a Guru, then it is time to get one!
      Pray the Prayer of the Day from above sincerely on a regular basis, and they will find you. It is actually the Guru who finds the disciple, and not the disciple who finds the Guru! Cool, huh?